40+ Local SEO Tools- The Complete List

If you are doing local SEO for a client or for your own, you must need some great tools at every step to make your life easier. Today I have gathered a list of local seo tools that you’ll find handy. The list below includes both free and premium tools in no specific order.

Efforts have been made to categorize the tools according to their purpose or use.Some tools are multi-purpose, so you may find them in multiple categories.

Download a Free Checklist of 40+ local SEO tools for enhancing your local SEO effort.

If you find any of the given information wrong or need modifications please let me know in the comments or email me. If you have a great local SEO tool and are not listed here free to contact me.

  • Before You Begin

Table of Contents
1.  Before You Begin
2 . Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis
3 . On site optimization tools
4 . Citation Related Tools
5 . Schema Creation
6 . Review Related
7 . WordPress themes
8 . Rank Tracking
9 . Social Media Management
10 . SEO Report Card
11 . Reputation Management tools
12 . All in one solutions
13 . Miscellaneous

1. Local SEO Checklist (FREE): Complete Checklist of Local SEO Tasks.


At the very outset of your local SEO campaign, you need to know the tasks you are going to do. Thankfully, this is a free checklist that you can use to keep track of accomplished works!

  • Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

2. Google Keyword Planner (Free)

This is a must use tool for any type of SEO. But there are cool ways to use this tool for local seo. Check out this article to know how to use GKP for local SEO.

3. 5 minutes site local keyword tool

3. 5 minutes site local keyword tool

Enter your seed keywords in the box and mention your zip code and radius. Other options are optional. Once the results are returned put the keywords in GKP to find the search volume.

4. AOL Search and Startpage: (Free)

You can use these two tools for competitive analysis, especially for rank troubleshooting. Both these tools show the organic results with no maps or blended results. By comparing the results with Google organic, you should be able to determine whether the problem is with organic results or Google+ local.

Linda Buquet has written a detail post about this which can be found here.

  • On site optimization tools

5. Local SEO Check up by Brightlocal (30 Day Free Trial)

Amazing tool by bright local team. This tool will check your local directory listing, Google+ local report, on page seo audit, local ranking and off page seo etc. You can check there free 30 day free trial (No credit card needed). Here’s what an on page audit look like-

6. Screaming Frog (Free)

This is a free SEO spider to crawl the pages on your site and find the errors. Here’s a useful video on how to use this tool.

7. WordPress SEO by Yoast(Free)

Improve your on page SEO score with this free plugin. It helps you to write the title and Meta description of your pages, create sitemap etc.

  • Citation Related Tools

8. Moz Local: ($49/year per location)

You can find every detail about your local listing with this tool. Currently, it supports only US search results. Enter your business name and zip code 1st-


It will show all the addresses you have and after selecting the right address, a report will be generated which will show your completed, incomplete, inconsistent and duplicate listings. Very helpful.

9.Yext ($500/Year)


Similar to moz local. It shows you all the places where your business is not listed. It also enables the users to submit their business information to around 47 directories at once. You can also update your information on regular basis.

10. Citations by Category :

Moz did a great job by breaking down the top citation sources according to the niche. Though the source per category isn’t that big but still it’s a good one to checkout.

11.Citation Burst: ($3/citation submission)
Another tool by Bright local. They have a database of over 1600+ citation sources. You can hand pick the directories to which you want to submit your listings. Bright local team will do the submissions for you or you can do it yourself. Submission cost is $3/citation and $2 for bulk orders. They don’t do phone verification though.

12. Naptune: (On demand Pricing) An integrated end-to-end listings management platform
All in one software to help you take control of your local seo listings. You only need to enter your business information once and Naptune will populate all of the important local business data distribution channels and directories. They have large partner network comprised of high quality and high impact Business Directories and Data Aggregators.

13. SynupFree up to 100 listing site, $2/per location per month and $1 for listing fix.


Similar to citation burst, they crawl, claim and create listings for you. You can also monitor reviews and ranking with this tool.

14.Local citation finder by whitespark(Free trial: 3 searches/day, 1 project, limited results, no monitoring or exporting.)

Best for spying on competitor sites citation. Simply enter your keyword and it will pull up all the top citation sources of competitor sites. You can monitor and export citations as well. They have different pricing options. Minimum is 20 CAD per month. Check out this ultimate guide to make the best use of this tool.

15. Local citation finder by Places scout: ($197 per 3 months)

Almost similar features as of whitespark is one. It is a part of the complete software. But the pricing is very high. If you decide to buy it, you are covered by 14 days refund guarantee.

16. local search tool  (Citation search is free, submission packages starts from $199 for 70 directory submissions. You can check all the plans here. )

You can search with your business phone number here-

Business phone number

When the results are returned, it shows you all the completed and missing listings.

Missling listing

17. Google Places for Business Category Tool

This cool tool helps you to find the right category for your Google Places for Business or Google+ Page for local listing. Finding the appropriate category is very essential for local seo.

Simply enter the name of your occupation e.g lawyer and it will come up with a result like this-

  • Schema Creation

According to Google,

Creation of schema mark up in schema.org is a bit complex and hard to grasp at first. With the help of some tools you can do it very easily.

18. Schema Generator by 51Blocks: (Free)
Simply enter your business details and your code will be generated at the bottom. Copy and paste the code on your website. Voila!


19. http://schema-creator.org/ (Free)

With this free tool, you can create schemas for person, product, event, organization, movie, book, review etc. They also have a wordpress plugin which automatically creates properly formatted schema.org structured data.

20. Schema & KML File Generator

21. Structured data testing tool

It lets you check your markup and make sure that Google can extract the structured data from your page.This tool will display the markup found on a specific web page, as well as a preview of how that page might appear in Google search results. You can also see examples of extracted markup for specific information types.

Review Related

Gathering reviews for your local listings is not easy. Thankfully, there are few tools to help you get more customer reviews, monitor review flow etc.

22. Review Handout Generator (Free)

Supports both mobile and desktop platform. Fill up your business information, take a print out and give it your customers. It’s 100% free.

23.Free Review Monitoring (Free up to 3 locations.)

Great tool for managing all your reviews in one place. You can quickly respond to your customer feedbacks, handle negative reviews just from one place. They also send email alert on all new reviews. Here is what they had to say regarding the importance of review monitoring-


24. Review Flow by Bright Local: ($5/Month, USA only)

With ReviewFlow, you can find and track your reviews on 16 leading review sites. You’ll also get gmail alert, visualize review growth and see reviews by site and star rating which is very helpful to your local business. You can also get white label reports.

  • WordPress themes

Though it’s not extremely necessary to use any particular theme for local seo, but here is a good one to take a look-

25. SmallBizTheme ($97 Single Site, $ 247- Multisite License)
This theme was developed specifically for local business. They have 13 different layouts. It’s responsive and mobile enabled. You can also set up ecommerce store and the theme supports Paypal and Credit Card purchases as well.
Check out the live demo here.

  • Rank Tracking

There are number of rank trackers in the market. But not of all of them are specifically designed for local seo or can track local results. Here are some tools with that ability-

26. Pro Rank Tracker: (Free up to 50 keywords, unlimited URLs)
Good one for single person. Web based real time tracking with accuracy. It can also track local results including maps Local listings tracking, your websites A-G positions in the maps results (Google 7 Pack) etc.

27. Local Search Rank Checker by Bright local (3 schedule reports, 25 search terms per report- $19.99/Month)
Track rankings up to top 50 results. You can also track & compare up to 4 competitors on each report.

28. AuthorityLabs:
$49/Month, 250 keywords and up to 50 domains. They also have a smaller package for $24/Month which includes 10 domains and 100 keywords. You can also add unlimited users to the account.

29. Local Rank Tracker by Whitespark:
Their package starts from $5/month for up to 10 keywords. No restriction on number of domains.

  • Social Media Management

30. Buzzbundle: (Free account Can’t save history of social communication. Premium- $199 one time fee)

Manage all your social media streams from one place. Free version has limitations on social mentions, number of personas you can create, post schedule etc.

31. Hootsuite: (Free- Limited social profile, Pro- $8.99/Month)

  • SEO Report Card

Are you a local SEO consultant? These little tools will help you to quickly produce a local seo report card for your client’s business.

32. Free SEO Report By Local Vox:


What it basically does is, check your listings in different directories and present a report of all details. Though they call it local seo report, I didn’t find anything different from a citation checker.
They also present a similar report for your business. Apart from local directory checks, it also shows ranking status of the keywords. You can also download the report in pdf format. Here’s a sample local seo report card.

  • Reputation Management tools

33. Google Alerts: (Free)
You can set alerts for your brand name and monitor your reputation for free.

34. Trackur : (Free 10 days trial, $97/Month thereafter)
Trackur monitors your mainstream media and social media such as blogs, social networks, Twitter, Facebook, forums, images and video. It also sends instant notifications when your brand is mentioned.

35. Naymz: (Basic plan is free. Premium plan starts from $12/Month)
Another useful tool for tracking your social influence. It gives a RepScore that rates your influence across different social networks.

36. Brandseye: ($220/Month)
They have a full set of features to track your social mentions, instant reporting, marketing insights etc. It continuously checks your social news feeds every day. The pricing is way too high.

37.Social Mention: (Free)

Social Mention

38. Upcity Local Report Card : (Free)

Very handy tool to monitor your social media activities. It shows you the popular keywords, top users, hashatgs etc. You can track your mentions in blogs, comments, events, news, video, audio, Q &A sites etc.

39. Rankur: (Starts from $24/Month)
Beside regular features, you can manage your team workflow with this tool. Free version allows one saved search and 50,000 mentions per month.

40. Complaint search: (Free)
Really interesting search engine by gofishdigital. Enter your brand or website name and it will pull all the complaints from sites like rip off reports, bbb.org etc 40+ complaint websites.

Complaint search

  • All in one solutions

These are solutions or set of solutions that are grouped together as a product to serve your local SEO needs.
41.Brightlocal: It’s a combination of 7 powerful tool specially designed for local seo. There tools set include local rank checker, local seo check up, Google+ local wizard, citation tracker, reviewflow, reviewbiz and citation burst.

42. SweetiQ: (Free 14-days trial available. Paid plans starts under $100)

It’s a location based marketing and analytics platform designed for brands, franchises and their marketing agencies. You can efficiently manage all seo, competitor analysis and social monitoring works with this all-in-one fully hosted, white-label platform.

43.LocalVoxThey Say,


They have solutions available for small business, multi-location, franchise marketing, agencies and resellers.


44.  WhiteSparkTheir list of tools and services help you manage and optimize your local search presence and reach. Some of their important tools are- local citation finder, local rank tracker and offline conversion tracker etc.

  • Miscellaneous

45.Callrail: ($30/Month, Includes 10 local numbers and 500 minutes per month)
CallraiGreat tool for monitoring your call analytics. You can easily identify the marketing channels and campaigns that make your phone ring. You can track phone calls from anywhere, online and offline.


46. Offline Conversion Tracker: (Free)
Here’s what they had to say how this tool works-

offline conversion tracker

47.Google’s Gadgets Driving Directions
It gives your customers driving directions to your store. Although this tool doesn’t directly impact the local seo, it can help to bring in more customers to your physical store who may leave reviews later about your business.