Pinterest QA: How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business With Anna C. Bennett

We are happy to introduce Anna C Bennett from White Glove Social Media. Anna is a Pinterest marketing expert.

She helps companies to grow their Pinterest audience base and increase sales.

In this interview, Anna shared a lot of valuable advice that you can implement right away to supercharge your

Pinterest marketing effort.

You’ll learn-

– Success story of one of the brands Anna worked with.

– How to prepare your brand’s Pinterest profile before launching the campaign.

– How to optimize your pin descriptions to help get more click through.

– Top 3 things a brand should do to get more Pinterest followers.

– How she’s growing her email list with Pinterest.

– Best practices for Pinning, board creation, repining

– Her recommendation about outsourcing Pinterest marketing campaigns.

– Courses she offer to master at Pinterest marketing

Q1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am the owner of White Glove Social Media Marketing.

White Glove Social Media Marketing uses Pinterest to help businesses:

  1. grow traffic
  2. grow sales
  3. grow brand profile
  4. grow profits
  5. grow market share

We do this in four different ways:

  1. One-on-one coaching
  2. By conducting a strategic review of your current Pinterest account
  3. Monthly account management
  4. By selling courses teaching people how to use Pinterest effectively

Q2. Please share one or two of your biggest achievements or success stories regarding Pinterest marketing. 

I do not share most of the brands and businesses I work with because they feel it gives them competitive advantage however I can share one with you.

Client: Shefit

Pinterest overtook their Facebook referral traffic (previously their number one source of social traffic) during the 1st month that White Glove began managing their account.

In the 2nd month Pinterest drove 7,582% more traffic to the site compared to Facebook. Pinterest continues to be their primary driver of traffic from all social networks.

In six months we helped Shefit rank #1 in Pinterest’s search engine against all of their competitors including Fortune 500 companies. Yuou can view our additional testimonials here.

Q3. How a Brand should prepare them before launching their Pinterest campaigns?

When you refer to Pinterest campaigns are you referring to Promoted Pins (ads)?

Image is critical! (No video or GIF)

In order for you pin to be successful they should be in the spirit of helpfulness. Offer tips, advice or instructions.

  • Create vertical pins with a preferred image aspect ratio of 2:3 to 1:3.5 and a minimum width of 600 pixels and 900 pixels to 2100 pixels tall. Pins get cut off in feeds if the ratio is greater than 1:3.5 so make sure it’s not too tall.
  • Go to your “Analytics” and promote your pins that received the highest clicks and repins.
  • Add additional info to your pins such as text overlays. Do not add promotional material.
  • Include a logo but make sure it’s not distracting. Logo’s helps with brand recognition and drives engagement.
  • Add the source link for that pin
  • Do not add promotional information like “50% off” or “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”, “buy now” or “click here”
  • Do not include hashtags
  • Examples of images that do well are tiled, step-by-step, text-overlays, multi-product shots and lifestyle shots.

Pin descriptions can absolutely help you Get More Click Throughs With Pinterest Promoted Pins.

  • Longer pin descriptions get more engagement and click throughs
  • Add instructions if applicable
  • What benefit or value will the Pinner receive?
  • How will your pin help the Pinner?
  • How will it make the Pinner feel?
  • Include promotional offers if applicable, but always include the start / end date (and year)
  • Do not include hashtags
  • Include a call to action and promotion in the description. Examples would be:
    • See the full collection at
    • Shop this look at
    • Up to 50% off
    • Free shipping

Q4. What are the top 3 things a brand should do to get more followers to their Pinterest account and also to get more visitors to their website.

1) Figure out from the very beginning what keywords you want to rank high on in Pinterest’s search engine.

Don’t even think about pinning if you haven’t figured this out yet.  As a matter of fact, don’t do anything on Pinterest unless you have a plan in place.

If you’re not sure where to start go to my website and download Chapter 1 of my course Pinterest for Marketing Business for free.

Ask yourself, what keywords do people use in a Google search to find your type of products?

Think how search engines work.

If you know this ahead of time you can garnish these keywords in specific areas of your Pinterest account so you get found on the top of Pinterest’s search engine.  What this means to you is more traffic back to your website.

2) Make sure your website is Pinterest friendly.

When people land on your website and/or blog do you make it easy for them to share your products and services?

Make sure you add the following free tools that Pinterest offers for your website and/or blog:

  1. Follow me button
  2. Pin it buttons

If you want to build up your followers you’ll need to add the Pin it buttons. This encourages Pinners to pin content from your website and blogs.

The more people who pin your content the better and you will rank higher on Pinterest’s search engine.

Some of you might think we’ll I already have plug-ins for social sharing why bother. Well, like I said before it gives them a little extra nudge to share your stuff.

  1. Board widgets

Include Pinterest board widgets in your blog. Make sure that you choose a board that is in keeping with your topic.

When the pinner clicks on the board it will take them directly to that board and now you have exposed your other boards as well as having increased your chances of getting more followers.

  1. Rich Pin integration. There are a few and one of them is called the

Article Rich Pin

Article Rich Pins can show information about your blog or article, like its title, site name, description and author.

Everyone is trying to get more eyeballs on their images and the Article Rich pins will help you stand out on a pinner’s home feed and therefore get you more click through.

More importantly rich pins help you rank higher on Pinterest’s search engine.

And for those of you who have an ecommerce site make sure to integrate the Product Rich Pin. In addition, those who repin your products will receive an email from Pinterest if you’ve discounted your prices.

The discount has to be at least 10% off. How cool is that! It’s like free email marketing except you don’t have to do a single thing!

  1. Use Alt-Tags in Your Images.

The copy you place in the alt-tag of your image is what will appear in the pin description when someone pins your image from your website.

Some pinners can get lazy about adding their own pin descriptions so label your images when uploading them on your site.

In addition Google can’t read images so when you add those keywords it helps you rank higher on Google as well.

Don’t give the control to other Pinners to write the description for you.

Craft a really good description using long tail keywords you get found in Pinterest’s search results.

And don’t forget to include your URL at the end too. It’s extra insurance that people will find your post at the right place.

If you’re not sure where to start go to my website and download Chapter 1 of my course Pinterest Marketing for Business for free.

Q5. Is it possible to build an email list using Pinterest? Please take a look at this post and see if you’ve any suggestion or not.

Absolutely! It’s one of the ways I grow my email list.

Here’s an example of what I pinned on Pinterest.

  1. I’m assuming you’re talking about this opt-in offer?

Pinterest is very visual so you definitely need to add an image to your opt-in box. Have a look at the pinterest link above and pay special attention to how I crafted the pin description.

Q6. What are the best practices for Pinning, board creation, repining etc.

1) There are dozens of small things you have to do correctly. You cannot wing this. You need to put it all together to maximize your success with Pinterest.  It’s not super easy. Why do you think people hire us, because it is somewhat complicated, its always changing and you have to really commit to it fully and consistently. Take my course, it is very scientific, you cannot take short cuts if you want your business to maximize the power of Pinterest.

2) When it comes to pinning, board creation and repinning you have to figure out from the very beginning what keywords you want to rank high on in Pinterest’s search engine. Don’t even think about pinning if you’re if you haven’t figured this out yet.

What keywords do people use in a Google search to find your type of products?

Think how search engines think.

If you know this ahead of time you can garnish these keywords in specific areas of your Pinterest account so you get found on the top of Pinterest’s search engine.

Use keywords that pertain to your business when you write descriptions for your pinned images.

3) If you’re just pinning a bunch of your blog posts or just your products and services – that is the sure way to fail on Pinterest.

It’s like going to a party.

If all you do is talk about you and how wonderful you are – no one will want to be your friend. No likes anyone that just talks about them right?

By helping instead of DIRECT SELLING you’ll get more attention.

Social media is about being SOCIAL. You are building relationships online and it takes time to develop friendships so be couteous and be patient.

Q7. What are the top 3 /5 tools you think are essential for Pinterest marketing and why?

I addressed tools in question #Q4 above.

I also recommend a Pinterest scheduling tool such as Viraltag.

Q8. Do you recommend outsourcing Pinterest campaign?

Regardless of whether you manage your Pinterest account in-house or outsource the management to an agency or expert time is money and you have to decide ahead of time what you’re willing to invest and what you expect in return.

  1. Do you have someone on your team who is qualified to create content and pin on a consistent basis? In what way have they become qualified?
  2. If you decide to outsource are you looking to hire the cheapest person you can hire or someone who is an actual Pinterest expert?

Type the words Pinterest expert or Pinterest consultant into a Google search box.

Notice the results.

If the people you want to hire cannot get themselves onto the first page of Google’s organic search using Pinterest what makes you think they can help you rank any better?

People who rank highly know what they are doing, people who don’t, don’t.  Or they’d be there right?

Has the expert you are considering proven that they know how to use Pinterest to rank high on Google or not?

Do you really what to work with someone who claims to be an expert yet can’t demonstrate that they can use Pinterest to get themselves on the first page of Google?

Q9. Tell us little bit about your courses. How these can help a brand?

Keeping up with Pinterest is a full time job. I created two Pinterest courses online:


I offer this Pinterest self-study video based course for brands and businesses large and small laid out in an easy to follow blueprint, with a step by step plan on how to successfully manage a Pinterest account.

If you manage it well it will drive more traffic to your site.


If you really want to manage Pinterest professionally for your own company, for your boss or as a Pinterest account management agency now is a great time to learn how to do that at the expert level because Pinterest is still new.

The course is packed with the most current and up to date,  step-by-step, easy to follow checklists and secrets that I use to get business and to manage business accounts successfully.

Over to Us..

Thanks Anna for so many helpful tips. Hope you enjoyed reading these tips. Please let us know if you have more questions related to Pinterest and we’ll try to answer.