Watch Our Journey To Make Money Using Pinterest and Amazon

Pinterest can be a great source of traffic, no doubt about that. But how do you monetize that traffic? How well this traffic converts? In this case study, we’re going to walk you through our step by step process to develop an email list using pinterest and later make money by leveraging the email list.

Why are we doing this?

There are couple of reasons we are doing this case study.

1st of all, we’ll see if we can build an email list from the pinterest traffic. More details will be shared at the later part of this post.

Beside clockedge, we also sell in Amazon. So, building an email list would definitely help us to drive more targeted customers to our listings and increase sales.

So, if we are successful with this campaign, it will help us to grow that business as well.

2nd Objective is to test how well pinterest traffic converts. Yes, you’ll read a lot about best practices to convert pinterest traffic but you never know how well they will perform for your particular niche until you test.

How can we make money?

There are virtually hundreds of ideas to make money from pinterest traffic, but everything boils down to one key thing- the size and quality of your list.

Yes, you make money just by driving traffic to your website (through adsense, clickbank, share a sale ect) but nothing beats email traffic.

So, here are couple of ideas how you can make money IF you have a large email list.

01. Sell Physical products– It is said that “pinners are shoppers”. This infographic shows 93% use pinterest to plan purchases and 96% uses to gather product information.

Like I said above, we can use this email list to drive traffic to our product page or if we plan to open our own branded store, we can get on demand traffic.

02. Sell Digital Products– We can create niche related ebooks, courses, membership sites and what not. Even if we start our own blog, we can use this list to drive more traffic to our contents.

03. Earn affiliate commission by promoting other people’s products– If we have a large following of our profile, we can leverage that to promote other people’s products and earn some affiliate cash as well.

We can also charge from others to share their content to our boards.

So, keeping those possibilities in mind, now question is, how can we do that?

Below, is our step by step plan to make this happen.

Our Goals- 

We have set 3 primary goals for this experiment. Goals are-

– Obtain 5,000 Followers of our pinterest profile in next 3 months

– Get 1,000 Email subscribers to our website email list.

– Get accepted in 1 shared board at least per week.

Also, we hope to run this campaign for at least 3 months. I think 3 month is a good time frame to measure the momentum.

Action plan

01. Niche Selection and Domain Name Purchase-

We’ve decided to jump in to kitchen and household niche. There’s no particular reason to select this niche. I just used my common sense that this niche can do well in pinterest.

After a little bit of brainstorming, we selected a brandable domain name – “”.

02. Logo Design and Setting Up the Profile Page:

I’ve designed a quick and free logo from Designmantic and set up pinterest profile. I’ve also created a facbook fan page.

By the time of writing this post, we have already started promoting our boards and pins and if you visit our pinterest profile you’d be able to see the progress.

03. Landing Page Development:

Since we don’t have any content on the website yet, so we can’t pin our own images. At this point I have no plan to create any content on our site.

It will be more time consuming and costly for us.

So what we can do instead is create a landing page with a free ebook offer in exchange of opt in. Or we can simply put an opt in box by telling people to subscribe to our waiting list.

But there are some problems with these strategies.

With a single optin box, we’d not be able to create a lot of pins to simply promote that one URL. If we post one or few similar pins over and over, it will look like spamming.

The same problem persists with the no ebook optin box as well.

So, we need to have multiple landing pages with similar optin offers. But, how can we do it fast? Don’t we have to create a lot of contents?

Well, we came up with a solution to this.

What we are going to do is, use existing popular contents from different sites, tweak those a little bit and turn it into a pdf to give away for free.

We can use Buzzsumo to explore popular content ideas. To create the landing page, we can either use leadpages, optimizepress or thrive leads.

So our goal is to create 8-10 different landing pages which are closely related to each other. All these pdfs will be given away for free and we’ll have plenty of variations to promote.

We’ve already created two landing pages by using GetResposne landing page creator. It’s really easy to set up landing pages using GetResponse.

You can see the landing pages in action here and here.

I’ll create more such pages along the way, but I think two is good enough to start.

How we are going to drive traffic?

Now that we are done with landing page creation, it’s time to work on traffic generation. Here’s our plan of action:

  • Different Boards Creation:

We’ve brainstormed 10-15 different keywords and opened boards using each of those. The idea is to add as much variations as possible to your profile.

  • Share as many pins as possible:

We found that, to prove yourself as an authority in pinterest, you have to be an active member. The more pins you’ll share the richer your profile will be.

To get accepted in the shared boards, we must have to build some authority of our profile 1st.

Also, we have to be careful regarding the frequency of pinning. Too frequent posting may lead to account ban.

So, our initial goal is to post 30-40 pins per day at random interval. We’ll also schedule the pins to be published at different period of the day.

  • Follow others:

One great way to increase follower count is to follow others 1st. We’ll continue following other popular groups, boards etc and hopefully they’ll follow us back.

Once we obtain few thousand followers this way, we’ll be able attract natural following afterwards.

  • Getting accepted in other shared group-

This is very crucial. Success of this campaign is largely dependent on the success of this part. Shared boards are a great source of traffic. If we can get accepted to even few of the large groups, we’ll be able to make a difference.

To find such popular groups, we’ll use boarddeckhq. It will show you all the popular shared boards in a particular niche.

So, basically our day to day activity will involve-

1) Posting 30-40 pins every day.

2) Follow 40-50 people daily

3) Leave comments on some of the popular pins, groups etc.

4) Try to get accepted in the popular shared boards.

  • Tools we’ll be using:

Buffer curated a list of 21 pinterest tools in this post. I’ll decide later which one would be helpful for the campaign.

  •  Risks Involved in this campaign:

While we are not 100% sure whether this campaign will become successful or not, but we should be prepared for the worst case situations as well.

Here are some of the risks and failure points associated with this campaign-

  1. Account may get banned

Yes, there are instances of people whose account got suspended due to policy violation. But as long as we stick to their content policy, we should be fine.

  1. May not be able to send a lot of traffic

This is another failure point. It’s related to two things mainly. If we can increase our own follower number and get accepted to large shared boards, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Because, shared boards and high follower count are the main traffic driver.

  1. Optin rate can be lower:

Even if we drive traffic, our conversion rate can be lower. This is depending on how well our offers are. We can always do split testing to improve the conversion rate.

So, basically this is all about our plan. We’ll update about our progress once in a week or bi-weekly basis. Let me know if you have any suggestions to improve this strategy.

What would you do differently then what we are planning to do here?