10 SEO Experts Reveal The Best Link Building Strategy To Follow in 2014 and Beyond

With all the latest Google updates, many of you may be wondering What would be the best link building strategy to follow in 2014 or beyond?.

Well, why not hear the answer straight from the horse mouth ! 🙂

To answer this question, I have reached out to many SEO experts and niche site owners. They have responded very cordially and I want to personally thank all these great people for being generous with their time.
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What link building tactics one should follow in 2014 and why?

Brian Deane

The best SEOs do one thing really well:

They run ahead of the curve. So in 2014 I’m pretending it’s 2015 when it comes to linkbuilding, on-page SEO, brand signals and content.

This is a good time to ask yourself: Is this link building strategy going to help me or hurt me in 2015? If the answer is hurt me, it might be time to switch it up and get away from the guest posting/blog network/paid links game.

You may not get results as fast, but you’ll be sitting pretty next year when everyone is freaking out over a Matt Cutts blog post.


So in 2014 I’m doing what I’d do next year: create resources that Google would be embarrassed not to show on the first page and promote the heck out of them.

Link building in 2014 I believe will continue to move away from caring about the high volume of links a site has and more towards ranking sites that have the hard to get authoritative and(not or) relevant links. We will also continue to see that relying on one strategy alone will not be enough and a balanced SEO/Link Building Strategy will be needed. No one strategy can be relied on to improve rankings without leaving you exposed to a Google Penalty.

The number one tip I have in 2014 is to control your own links via your own highly relevant small private blog network, the number of benefits of a relevant quality PBN include referral traffic, link trade opportunities with others in your space and links back to your money site make it a great long term strategy if executed properly.

Neil Patel
Founder, NeilPatel.com

Content marketing. By creating exceptionally good content, people will naturally link back to you and share your content with their readers.That’s the best way to build links.

Jon Cooper || PointBlankSEO

Year after year this question keeps popping up, and mostly because an update hits the year before that nukes some specific tactic (and rarely does it truly nuke it). To me, it seems a bit ludicrous, because there are hundreds of tactics that you can take action on, not just a couple. So for me, things have not really changed, and rarely do. Sure, I’m more cautious about what I’m doing in terms of making sure any link placement I get, it looks as natural as possible in ways beyond just i.e. anchors, but still, my arsenal hasn’t changed much and won’t for 2014.

Julie Joyce || LinkFishMedia

My methods won’t change for 2014, as I still believe that good old-fashioned manual discovery for sites that would be good linking targets leads to some truly fantastic links. I don’t really like automated methods for anything other than competitive analysis and possibly outreach.

What we do is type in search phrases for the ideas what we’ve brainstormed for clients. We find sites that are somehow related to those phrases and, if the sites look good, we approach them and try to get a link. It’s incredibly simple yet extremely tedious work, but it’s how we’ve built links for over 5 years and it’s how we continue to build them. I’d argue that it will be more necessary than ever not to rely on one or two main ways of building links, as sometimes people just go after the favored easy methods like bulk guest posting, but you have to remember that if it’s easy, everyone else is most likely doing it.

I don’t mind guest posts and I’m not picking on them necessarily, but anything that is done in bulk is going to create a pattern that will end up harming you in some way unless you’re either very lucky or exceptionally clever. If you want to do some guest posts then fine, do them, but don’t do 50 in a month, and don’t ignore everything else. If you want to buy links then don’t go buy 1000 networked ones. If you want to use widgets then don’t put up 500 ones on irrelevant sites with exact match anchor text. Use that brain for something other than finding a shortcut.

Nick LeRoy || NickLeRoy.com

Lately i’ve been a fan of building Private Blog Networks  also known as PBN. The concept is to buy established websites or expired domains with existing value. You then build the website up on unique IP addresses and link back to your money website. This strategy is a lot easier to pull off when your using it for your own websites such as amazon, lead gen or even Adsense sites. You likely would want to have a in depth conversation before using this for client work.

Jayson DeMers || AudienceBloom

Link building in 2014 can really be thought of as brand building. Instead of thinking about ways to get links, think about ways to build your brand. Some tactics that make for great brand building include social media promotions, community engagement, philanthropy, giveaways, contests, and publishing amazing content both on and off your website. When it comes to content publication, think about what types of resources or content your target audience is looking for. B2B businesses generally have target audiences that are looking for solutions to business problems, so authoritative, resourceful information that provides answers (without selling) is a great way to build your brand.

For B2C businesses, it’s all about connecting with your target consumer.

  • Who are they?
  • What age are they?
  • What gender?
  • What other online publications are they likely to read?

Once you answer these questions, you can begin to produce content and craft a content strategy in that same vein.

Execute this content strategy, both on your site and off your site (such as via guest blogging or writing a weekly column for a prominent online publication in your industry), and you’ll be earning links while building your brand at the same time.

Justin Cooke || EmpireFlippers.com

Public blog networks took a dive in 2012/2013 while private blog networks have survived and are still thriving. I see Google going after these private blog networks in a big way in 2014/2015.

When Matt Cutts mentioned the decay of guest blogging, he wasn’t talking about high-quality guest posts on high-quality blogs. Instead, he was talking about those short bits of content designed specifically to artificially increase your rankings for targeted keywords.

Instead of gaming the search engine, site creators would be better to take an abundance mindset and build coopetition in their industry. Use a personality-driven brand to reach out and connect with your competitors and collaborate to build towards your mutual success. You can do this through interviews, (real) guest blogging, and mentioning each other as a resource. Hacking this organic linkbuilding is great, especially in industries that may take a long time to acquire links naturally.

Chris Guthrie || Entrepreneurboost.com

One of my favorite strategies for link building to authority websites in 2014 is to focus on developing real relationships with my competitors in a given niche. Working together with site owners that have similar content to you to help promote each other often becomes a 1 + 1 = 3 scenario.

So that’s what I’m focused on with my 2014 strategies is to work with more of my competitors and to develop better relationships with them.

Anisul Islam
Founder, Clockedge

Link building has always changed and will continue to change in future as well. So it’s all about adopting with what’s working currently. Relying on only one or two strategies is not good. PBN links are working great right now but smart people will always blend it with other link building strategies like web2.0, relevant blog comments etc . If you are looking for short term results then you should go for these strategy.

But for long term, you should try to build relationship based links ,quality guest posts,develop authorship, social signals etc.

Another important thing is to streamline the link building process. It’s not a single man game but you’ll need a reliable team to make your link building campaign successful.